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We are here to serve and support the all of the women and families of our community. Their status in life does not matter. 


Do you need diapers? Have you missed your period? Would you like someone to talk to? Stop by! We'd love to talk to you. Walk-ins are welcome! To ensure we have the items you need, please call ahead and we will have your Angel Closet items ready for you when you drop in!


Appointments are necessary for ultrasounds so click below to set one up. 


We look forward to seeing you!


"I was amazed how nice and helpful the personnel of Lifeline Resources are. They are the true angels.  Thank you so much.  I am originally from Russia and this is my first pregnancy which makes me very happy. Thank you guys again."


"They do me sonogram very great."


*UPDATE* She is now going to school in order to be a medical assistant!

“Thank You so much for donating the car seat, crochet blanket, baby boy clothes, swing and high chair.  It is very much appreciated in my time of need. And I will donate anything I have to help another mother in need. Thank you so much for your generousity.”


“Thank you for the lovely presents for my 'G'. She will love them and I promise she will get her use out of them.”


“You have been the most helpful agency to me and my son since we started going here! From helping me to find a place to live, giving me my first ultrasound, providing a stroller and diapers to my son and new baby plus so much more. You are the best!”


"Lifeline Resources has been a great help in assisting myself and my baby.  They were very kind and helpful."


"I love love love Lifeline Resources. I have been coming since my proof of pregnancy and have always been treated nice.  I like things they help with."


"I know that y'all are very sweet. Love helping parents in need." 


"Ms. Collen was very nice to me I was homeless and she gave me a couple of # to rescue missions and I got into City Rescue Mission. This, was such a blessing my kids and I were living and the car and now we have shelter thank you for Ms. Colleen..."


"I just move to Jacksonville and I found out one week later that I was pregnant with my first baby.  I was try look for help and I don't find nothing with Medicare or any other help until 2 month later.  But when I found Lifeline Resources they did my pregnancy test to start the Medicare process and also they did my first ultrasound that helped me a lot and my boyfriend to be free of worry and check that the baby was OK.  Thank you alot.  To the Lifeline Resources always helpful and friendly and always looking to help with and answer all my questions. THANKS A LOT!"


"I came to this center and this is the help that I received: My first day in. I was upset and depressed but I met Miss Colleen and she gave me a pregnancy test to make sure that I was pregnant and wrote down some references that could help me with my mental state. They both also provided me with diapers, clothes, and a toy and book for my two kids. I  have also received ultrasounds for free and everyone has made me feel very comfortable about being pregnant. I have no bad experiences whatsoever."



"I first stopped in to find out I was 5 weeks along with my son who is turning 2 now[.] Since the first time I stopped in they have been nothing less than amazing from just a positive test to the gender reveal. They have helped with diapers and wipes when they have his size in clothes as well[.] And now Im pregnant with my second child and they are still just as supportive from just conversation to advice and any new mom or another child on the way? Stop by you wont regret it!"



"This place is amazing. Everyone is so warm and welcoming! I love how friendly the staff is! a true heaven-sent this place is. Thank you for being here."


"These women have really played a big role in helping me with the best decision making. It was times I wanted to get an abortion and they encouraged me not to go through. Today when I look at my boys Im forever thankful I carried them. They were truly worth all the pain. The fact that these women do this from the heart is such a blessing."


"Their services are great. The ladies welcomed me with open arms[.] Both times from the moment I walked in to the moment I left I felt safe. I suggest if your[sic] pregnant or think your[sic] pregnant to come here."



"Hard times do come around thanks to lifeline resources[.] My hard times have turned around... so much help with the little ones needs. Im thankful for lifeline resources[.]"


"It has been a really good place to come[.] Ive only been twice but both times there always someone to listen If Im going thru something and need someone to listen and the help Is amazing. Thank you[.]"



"I can not express how much these ladies at lifeline resources have helped me! The positivity and love that I felt as soon as I came in overwhelmed me! I felt SO LOVED from the first moment! These ladies are my daughter (and soon to be born's) "Fairy God Mothers"! They always make me feel comfort, love and positive vibes! THANK GOD FOR THESE ANGELS!"



"lifeline Resources are wonderful. They are there when you need them them[sic]. There was a time when I did not have anything. I over heard someone talking about how great they were. I asked for the number called and they have help me ever since[.] I love them I don't know I would be at times if they were here[.]"



"I just want to start out by saying that these women who volunteer here are awesome. They have been nothing but supportive, understanding, kind, helpful... I can go on and on. They helped me through a personal crisis which was imposed on them. But, they never treated me as a burden or a bother.  They go above and beyond what the average woman would do. They are a treasure to the city. And, I hope they stick around long enough to continue blessing the city with their wonderful services and kindness."


"I love Lifeline Resources! Every[sic] since I was pregnant with my son who is 6 now, they have been there for me. They are very friendly, loving, and caring young ladies. They even give me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it! They are very thoughtful and put love in everything they do. God bless Lifeline Resources!"


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